The Scottish Network for Third Sector Data

Welcome to the website of the Scottish Network for Third Sector Data.

There has been a growing interest in 'big data' - large, fast-moving, and complex datasets - and 'open data' - data shared online, usually by public bodies.

The combination of these different data sources, and in particular the linkage together of different data sources, provides both great opportunities and challenges to third sector organisations.Many third sector organisations themselves are also increasingly generating large administrative datasets related to service provision, volunteering, and fundraising, for example.

This network has been set up as part of a workshop programme funded by the Scottish Universities Insight Institute on "Big Data and the Third Sector" in order to help build networks of collaboration with academics, third sector practitioners and policy-makers.

Developing The Use Of Administrative Data On Scotland's Civil Society.

Scottish Civil Society Data Partnership.

The Scottish Civil Society Data Partnership project is an ESRC-funded collaboration between the Scottish Council of Voluntary Organisations (SCVO) and the Universities of Stirling and St Andrew's. The 18 month project is centred at Stirling, and combines expertise from the partners in social statistics, civil society management, engagement and collaboration with Civil Society Organisations (CSOs).

It forms part of Phase III of the ESRC's investment in the Big Data Network. It aims to develop the availability of administrative data on CSOs, while also helping civil society organisations to improve their ability to work with data.

Video Introduction to Think Data