Nonprofit Data Virtual Seminar Series


About the series

The Nonprofit Data Seminar series is a monthly 'virtual' seminar series presenting research using data related to the nonprofit sector from around the world. The Seminar Series is coordinated by Professor Alasdair Rutherford at the University of Stirling. If you are interested in presenting at a future seminar please contact Alasdair at


Upcoming Seminars 2018/2019

Thurs 18th Oct 2018
The Gender Pay Gap for Nonprofit Executives: Identification and Potential Remediation
Dr Jesse Lecy & Dr Nathan Grasse

Thurs 22nd Nov 2018
Collecting quantitative data among CEOs and directors: A series of (un)fortunate events
Dr Jurgen Willems

Thurs 13th Dec 2018
Identifying fields and service areas using UK charity data
Dr Chris Damm & Dr Chris Dayson

Thurs 24th Jan 2019
Understanding change in the charitable sector using administrative data
Professor John Mohan

All seminars are held at 8am (West Coast US) / 11am (East Coast US) / 4pm (UK) / 5pm (CET) ) / 8:30pm (IST) and last for one hour.

Past Seminars


Thurs 20th Sept 2018
Incentivising Charity Accountability: An examination of serious incident reporting
Dr Diarmuid McDonnell

The virtual seminars can be viewed live through YouTube. Questions for the presenters can be submitted as YouTube comments. No log-in is required to view the seminar but you will need a Google Account to leave comments. A recording of the seminar will be available on YouTube after the event.